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Prevent. Protect. Better.

Vaccines to safeguard the world from life-threatening respiratory viruses.

Live Attenuated Vaccines for RSV and COVID-19

Meissa Vaccines was founded with a mission to protect people everywhere from deadly respiratory viruses and a commitment to develop innovative technologies capable of delivering effective vaccines at a global scale. Meissa is developing live attenuated vaccine candidates against life threatening respiratory viruses, including respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), and human metapneumoviru­­s (hMPV). These vaccine candidates have been developed using the company’s proprietary AttenuBlock   synthetic biology and codon deoptimization platform. Meissa’s vaccine candidates are formulated to be delivered as an intranasal, adjuvant-free, needle-free dose and are designed to prevent infection and disease and generate a strong, durable immune response.


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AttenuBlock: Optimized Immunity

RSV and SARS-CoV-2 are both life-threatening respiratory viruses that inhibit the immune system. Meissa’s AttenuBlock platform generates vaccine candidates that are safe, highly attenuated and specifically optimized to induce a better immune response than natural infection.


For Life and Breath

Respiratory viruses infect people from infancy to old age. Meissa’s RSV and COVID-19 vaccine candidates are designed to prevent infection and disease by inducing mucosal IgA and serum neutralizing antibodies for a multi-pronged, durable immune response.

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