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Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Why Nasal Sprays Are Poised to Be the Next Weapon for Fighting Covid

Excerpt from the article:

Half a Greek alphabet and two years into the pandemic, the world is coming to terms with the notion that Covid-19 is here to stay. As new variants emerge, millions are still falling ill, increasing the risk of even harder-hitting strains. While coronavirus shots are among the greatest medical achievements of all time, reaching the market in less than a year and saving millions of lives, anyone who’s received three doses and still gotten infected will understand that the virus is a resilient opponent.

Marty Moore says he can beat it.

“Covid isn’t just a sprint, it’s a marathon,” says Moore, the relentlessly upbeat founder of Meissa Vaccines Inc. Today’s vaccines have largely won the sprint of preventing serious disease, “and thank goodness for that,” he says. “But now we need something else to gain control of the virus.”

Meissa Vaccines says its approach can dramatically reduce transmission.

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