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News Channel Nebraska: Hastings Doctor Leading ‘History-Making’ RSV Vaccine Trial

Meridian Clinical Research in Hastings is one of the sites that is enrolling participants for a clinical study of Meissa's RSV Vaccine Candidate, MV-012-968. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a prevalent respiratory virus that can cause severe illness for infants and young children.

News Channel Nebraska interviewed Dr. Daniel Leonard, who specializes in pediatrics at Children & Adolescent Clinic as well as Mary Lannin Healthcare Hospital. Meridian partners with the Children & Adolescent Clinic to perform clinical studies in Hastings. Dr. Leonard told News Channel Nebraska, “Having a safe and effective (RSV) vaccine is just paramount in pediatric medicine. In my mind… (it’s) probably the last main vaccine that we’re missing in the typical and traditional regimen of childhood vaccines that we already have available to us.” The clinical study ( Identifier: NCT04909021) is currently enrolling participants between six months and three-years-old who are healthy and haven’t been exposed to RSV.

To read the full article, click here.


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