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Yahoo! News: A Nasal COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be the Solution to Ending the Pandemic, Experts Say

Excerpt from article:

If we could vaccinate your nose, there's a good chance we'd be able to end this pandemic right now.

But the COVID-19 shots currently available in the US can't control everything that happens in your nostrils. If they did, they might be able to stop all transmission of the virus that happens through our talking, singing, laughing, breathing, and sneezing around each other.

If successful, a new kind of vaccine - a nasal mist that requires no needle - promises to do all that, by providing the special kind of coronavirus immunity people need to stop shuttling this virus around. "An intra-nasal vaccine could help bring an end to the pandemic, and help give us true control over SARS-CoV-2 by limiting infection and transmission," Marty Moore, the CEO of Meissa Vaccines, told Insider.

To read the full article on Yahoo! News, click here.


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